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White Sox GM Kenny Williams: I read SSS and so should you

Kenny, Detroit got Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis and got better:

"I get that too. There's a flip side to that as well. Let's say we acquire [Miguel] Cabrera and we give up Josh Fields, John Danks, Gio [Gonzalez], [Danny] Richar and a young bullpen guy. There would be just as many [fans] saying we sold out our future for a guy who might be here for two years. Would I have liked Cabrera? Yes, but at a price the White Sox [could afford]. All I can do is the things that make sense to us. You can't ride a wave of public emotion. That can get you into some trouble."
And kenny's comments on Alexei Ramirez:
Williams cannot officially talk about Ramirez until he passes a physical but did say a "player like him could be used short-term one way and long-term in another way." That perhaps could be center field now and shortstop to team with Richar in the future. One scout says Ramirez, at 6 feet 3 inches and with some power and speed, may be best at shortstop. Williams said if Ramirez is signed, he should not be considered a "fall-back" option after losing out on big-name center fielders.