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Everybody wants Fuku

[Robothal (Thanks SSH2005)]:

The Cubs are facing significant competition for their No. 1 target, Japanese free-agent outfielder Kosuke Fukudome. The Padres have emerged as a serious contender for Fukudome, according to major-league sources.

The market for Fukudome, 30, is moving quickly, sources say, with the White Sox and Dodgers also showing significant interest.

Fukudome, a left-handed hitter, would play right field for the Cubs, and could play center or an outfield corner for the Padres, Dodgers and White Sox. He played center for Japan in the World Baseball Classic.

The Padres envision Fukudome possibly replacing free agent Mike Cameron, who has told the team that he will not accept their offer of a one-year contract through salary arbitration.

Cameron, who turns 35 on Jan. 8, is entertaining multi-year offers from more than one club and continues to negotiate with the Padres.

The Padres will use Fuku as a CenterFielder.

Are Brian Anderson and Ryan Sweeney on their way out? Kenny Williams says he still believes in them:

"You know me. It's always about this year. We go into our planning sessions and get very specific about how we want things laid out in the season we're in and three seasons out. You've heard me talk about the (three-year) board before. When a opportunity is given, and certain expectations haven't been met, or that time table hasn't come about in regards to, I'm not talking about one player, just whomever it may be, then we have to make an adjustment. That adjustment comes from the trade market, or comes from re-signing a guy maybe you thought you weren't going to re-sign at a given time. It is is a variety of things that come into play. While we have our plans mapped out, I'm not so rigid in them that we can't maintain our flexibility. And part of that is identifying when a young guy is ready and when he's not. We've given a couple opportunities. By no means does that mean that these moves we've made in the outfield that we have cast these guys aside. They're very high on our lists, still. But for today and right now, we've got to do what we go to do to put the best team on the field."
In other news,
  • Big Jim's wife gave birth to a baby boy.
  • Kenny says a decision has been made regarding who'll be on 3rd base in 2008. And Jerry Reinsdorf feels good about the 2008 Sox. BTW, the Sox will play the Mets in the 2nd annual Civil Rights Game on March 29 in Memphis and maybe against the Rangers on March 28 in Oklahoma City.
  • Jim @ SoxMachine looks at the Quentin-Carter trade.
  • FJM opens for comments.
  • From Tango: Japan to MLB translations and Consistensy is key.
  • Rowand already has a 5-year offer says Robothal. BTW, Minaya may be in 'Win Now, Who Cares About The Farm' mode. UPDATE: Minaya says that's not the case: "Did I look for an extension? No," Minaya said. "I was told by ownership that I'll be here for a long time, whatever that means."
  • The Writing is on the wall for Chris Burke. And that writing on the wall might include the White Sox. Source: [ESPN Winter Meetings Blog] Which has since been removed. Steve Phillips shouldn't be allowed to operate a computer.
  • The Indians refused to trade Adam Miller for Delmon Young.
  • Tampa Bay to pick Brian Barton 1st in Thursday's Rule 5 draft? BTB looks on Barton.
  • What does Cooperstown need? A Piece of the Rock.