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White Sox to lose Fernando Hernandez in Rule 5 Draft

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That headline will come as a surprise to no one around here, but it seems Hernandez is 'building momentum' with scouts as the draft approaches.

Often compared to Twins righthander Matt Guerrier for his command and control rather than pure stuff, Hernandez is also an innings-eater with an above-average curveball.

"This is a guy someone's going to bite on," said one National League scouting director. "He's all guts and showed the ability to shut people down with games on the line. He profiles as more of a middle reliever, but any manager you talk to who's had him will tell you they're not afraid to put him in there in the ninth inning.

"His fastball can be fringy, but he's got a pretty good curveball with a lot of depth to it, and his changeup is probably his second-best pitch."

Cole Armstrong was unavailable for comment.