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White Sox [NOT] close to landing Miguel Cabrera, interested in Andruw

I've got the ESPN Winter Meetings special on in the background, not paying too much attention to it. I've kept it on because they promised some Ozzie Guillen goodness at the top of the program. Minutes from it's close, I've yet to see our favorite Venezuelan.

Meanwhile, Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post is reporting that the White Sox appear tantalizingly close to a Miguel Cabrera deal.

The Chicago White Sox are making a strong push to acquire Marlins third baseman Miguel Cabrera, industry sources said late this afternoon.

The hallways at the winter meetings were buzzing that the White Sox are close to making "a major announcement," and team sources confirmed it has to do with Cabrera.

He speculates that the package would include Fields, Gio, and one of Danks/Floyd.

Update [2007-12-4 18:17:50 by The Cheat]: According to Peter Gammons (and some MLBlog), the Tigers will make a deal for Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis by the end of the night.

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According to Ozzie, who 'doesn't get involved,' the White Sox do indeed have interest in Andruw Jones.

"He's in the mix, I guess," said Guillen, who raved about Jones when he played with him in Atlanta in 1998-99. "It's all about cash, years, something I don't get involved."

"A lot to people say Scott Boras is the best agent, and he is," Guillen said. "No (kidding). When you have all those kind of players, you'd be a good agent, too."

"I think Andruw Jones is going to bounce back and have a good year, no matter whoever he plays for," Guillen said. "With all my respect to Torii Hunter, I don't see anyone better than that kid when I was playing with him."

Mr. Hahn, there's a Mr. Boras on the line for you.
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In less interesting rumors: