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About Andruw and Aaron

Kenny says not so fast Ozzie:

Despite earlier comments by manager Ozzie Guillen, general manager Kenny Williams said the White Sox have no interest in free agent center fielder Andruw Jones.

"Andruw Jones is not on our list," said Williams, adding that he liked Jones but wanted players who can help lower the team's strikeout total, raise their on-base percentage and work deep counts.

Update [2007-12-4 20:39:58 by The Cheat]: Orlando Cabrera has a career OBP of .321 and averages 3.5 pitches per plate appearance. Andruw Jones has a career .342 OBP and averages 3.75 pitches per plate appearance.


Williams' statement about patience might indicate the Sox are in on Jason Bay and Kosuke Fukudome, as has been rumored. Others who exhibit patience or deep counts who might be available: Nick Swisher, Austin Kearns, Reggie Willits, Johnny Damon, Brian Roberts, Jamey Carroll, Milton Bradley, and Mike Cameron.
Kenny on Rowand:
Bringing free agent Aaron Rowand back into the mix also doesn't seem to be the next step for Williams because of an impasse in regard to the sort of long-term deal each side desires. "You try to do things that make sense," said Williams, speaking in general terms regarding Rowand. "I can't give you a dollar if I only have 50 cents. Some decisions are made awfully easy for you." When asked if he could dole out 50 cents over five years instead of four, Williams responded that the move depended on the player being talked about. When Rowand was loosely described, Williams added "I wouldn't count on it." On the first day Rowand filed, Williams sent a message to him joking about how he was willing to spend as much time with Rowand at home in Las Vegas as needed in order to sell the White Sox. That sale appears to have been presently negated.
In other news,