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No Fuku?

so says newsday's ken davidoff:

Another high-profile Japanese free agent, centerfielder Kosuke Fukudome, has narrowed his choices to the Royals (who have signed free-agent outfielder Jose Guillen to a three-year, $36-million contract) and Cubs.
Though other sources still indicate the Sox are strong contenders:
"The teams involved on Kosuke Fukudome are all cursing the Royals today. Jose Guillen's signing his three-year, $36 million deal raised the price for Fukudome, and left several teams looking for a Plan B. Both Chicago teams are in on the bidding, including a strong move from the White Sox, who don't want to miss out on yet another off-season target."

Kenny isn't discouraged though:

White Sox general manager Kenny Williams says he's still trying to land a "big fish" this off-season. So far, free-agent center fielder Torii Hunter spit out the hook at the last minute. And on Tuesday, third baseman Miguel Cabrera also slipped through the Sox' fingers. While he's discouraged, Williams is not despondent. "We're still very much on pace to accomplish what we want to accomplish," he said. The Sox were longshots to nab Cabrera, who along with starting pitcher Dontrelle Willis, was traded from the Florida Marlins to the Detroit Tigers on Tuesday. But operating with a budget that Williams said is "flexible," the White Sox apparently still have the money to fill their biggest need -- center field.

...When asked about Japanese star Kosuke Fukudome, Williams grinned and said: "No comment."

I just opened SSS in my browser and saw a thread with more than 200 comments. So, I used 2 quick quotes that probably have already been covered to start a new thread.

In other news,
  • Ozzie isn't worried about Toby's shoulder but Toby's weight, says Jose doesn't want to be embarrassed, and has a sure-fire plan for 2008: Things can't get worse. BTW, Ozzie thinks the Tigers got better after acquiring Miggy.
  • Jim looks at the Cabrera & Willis to Detroit trade. Kevin Goldstein looks at the 6 players the Marlins got. Nate Silver looks at how the Cabrera trade impacts the AL Central.
  • BTB on the Quentin-Carter trade.
  • Phil Rogers ranks the Sox last in the AL Central.
  • FJM on yesterday's Sox reverse. And some David Eckstein.
  • The Brewers signed David Riske to a 3/13 deal (20 with incentives). And they were close to getting Joe Crede last night.
  • More Hot Stove: The Rockies are interested in Iguchi and Julian Tavares. The Phillies are "more unlikely than likely" to sign Iguchi. The Brewers are also interested in Iguchi. -- No Scott Rolen to the Brewers? Maybe to the Angels that say they're not desperate for a 3rd baseman? -- The Dodgers asked about Bill Hall. -- Fukudome bidding to reach $40 million? Similar to Torii's deal? Boston is interested too? BTW, BP says "Fukudome is a solid OF who can play all 3 positions, is a plus defender even if his arm is affected by the elbow surgery, and is somewhere between Ichiro Suzuki and Hideki Matsui on the hitting side of things." -- Astros want C Nick Hundley from the Padres for Luke Scott. -- Rangers discussed Corey Patterson with Boras. Speaking of Boras, he wants a J.D.Drew-like deal for Andruw Jones from the Dodgers, who want to sign either Andruw Jones or Aaron Rowand.