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No Pitching Acquisitions says Kenny Williams

[Joe Cowley]:

If there were any thoughts that the White Sox would look to add to the starting rotation, general manager Ken Williams put that to rest on Wednesday.

Asked about entering the season with John Danks and Gavin Floyd in the backend of his starting rotation, Williams responded, "Well, they're in the back-end of the rotation now, but in 29 other rooms around the building right here these are two guys that everyone would want, and most people in the industry view as top-of-the-rotation guys. Our pitching is not going to be a problem this year. We'll be fine in that area."

As far as lefty Gio Gonzalez jumping one of them this spring, Williams wouldn't bet on that.

"[Gonzalez is] in a better position than last year in terms of his maturity level and progress, but he's going to be behind John Danks and Gavin Floyd. Gavin Floyd showed us last year that he's ready for full-time big-league work, so did John Danks. The only reason that John Danks at the end of the season did not pitch the last few weeks is because we knew what we had. We know what we have there and we wanted to see that in Gavin Floyd so we could take the next step with both of them."

Can Kenny say that every baseball team would want [to have] Gavin with a straight face?