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Building a Snowman

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An Instant Classic!


White Sox Minor League director Alan Regier on leaving Fernando Hernandez unprotected and losing him to Oakland on the Rule 5 draft:

"He's a 6-foot, right-handed pitcher, who throws strikes and gets people out. There were not any hickeys with him. He's healthy. He's got good makeup. However, we felt when we looked up at our board and had to make the decision on the 40-man between the Dewon Days and the Adam Russells and the group of guys we had coming up, we felt that [Hernandez] fell short of our projections on the 40-man. He's healthy, and we wish him the best. ... We put the players on the roster as a group decision, where we felt they would bring some value back to the ballclub. We didn't have any surprises and collectively gathered our opinions leading up to this Draft, and the other teams made their decisions as such."
Jim in Maine has more on the Sox moves in the Rule 5 draft.
And in other news,