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Disappointment, embarrasment, hunger

The Sox will announce the 2007 advertising campaign today. How about 'The guys are hungry'? Or 'More hungry than a tiger'?

[Joe Cowley]

Guillen's offseason, which began as disappointment when the regular season ended and the Sox failed to defend their 2005 World Series title, turned to embarrassment by the holidays. Now, Guillen says, it's hunger. "They got a little taste of the success and winning the World Series, and you want to get it back. They are mad because we didn't win it last year. They are hungry to do it again."
Other slogan suggestions?

Update: And the winner is: "Back to the Grind"
Other 2007 slogans: "nine more ring fingers," "on a mission from Guillen," and "want to party like its 2005." "On a mission from Guillen" has a nice sound to it.


BTW, here's the 2007 broadcast schedule (PDF) (Ugly HTML formatting). All 162 games, including the saturday morning game in minnesota in late september, will be televised.