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On the space between Logan's ears

I don't know how many times I've written that Boone Logan's future with this club relies largely on his ability to develop that (hopefully large) muscle between his ears, with good reason. Logan has major league stuff; featuring a riding 91-93 MPH fastball, funky delivery, and a sweeping breaker. Don Cooper agrees, saying, "with the physical stuff [Logan] possesses, he can be one of the top lefties in the American League," before finishing with a signature Cooper colloquialism about Kewpie dolls at carnivals. Those physical tools can only take you so far, however, as Logan demonstrated when he melted down with a series of errors in a single inning in May and the inability to find the strike zone with any reliability at the major league level.

The kid wasn't ready to deal with everything that goes along with being in the big leagues. Logan addressed that himself in quotes provided by the Sun-Times' Joe Cowley.

"It had nothing to do with my mechanics," Logan said. "I'll be truthful with you, I think I had a mental breakdown up there when I was in the bigs. It's not my capability of being able to pitch at the big-league level because I know I can do that. Overall, mentally I just didn't have it anymore. That's the first time I can ever really say that about myself."
Logan also addressed the idea that he had a "big-league attitude" last season, but I'm much more interested in the previous quote. To me, that statement shows that Logan is cognizant of his previous issues and will now be suitably equipped to handle the rigors of life in the major leagues.

I'm still unsure if Logan has the mental fortitude to succeed at the majors in high pressure situations, but I feel better about his chances than I did before reading this article.