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[Merkin]: Guillen could take advantage of Iguchi's power and speed at a lower point in the order if Darin Erstad and Scott Podsednik are in the same lineup at the top.

[Gonzalez]: Pablo Ozuna could be his choice against left-handed starters, but Guillen can see Iguchi hitting seventh with Darin Erstad and Podsednik batting 1-2.

The gruesome thought of those two Punch-and-Judy hitters at the top of the order is enough to make and normal man scream. Thankfully, we won't have to worry about this scenario coming true anytime soon. Podsednik probably isn't going to be ready to botch routine plays in the outfield and weakly flyout to left until a few weeks into the season. And by that time, Erstad will have done enough damage to his body to require an extended trip to the disabled list.