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Ex-White Sox Quotes of the Day: Freddy Garcia

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Freddy on Ozzie's reaction after the Sox send him to Philly:

[Joe Trost]

"When I talked to Ozzie right after the trade, he wasn't happy and didn't want me to be traded. He's the manager, and he wants someone to go out there every fifth day and do their job. That's what I do -- I compete."
On hearing rumors he would be traded, while in Chicago:
'When you hear rumors, you have to be ready for anything. Kenny said to me that he didn't feel good when he traded me but that they were changing directions and looking toward the future. I told him, 'Good luck.' ... I really didn't think I was going to end up here. I thought it was going to be Baltimore or one of the New York teams. But when it's time to go, it's time to go."
On the Bmac trade:
"They talked about McCarthy a lot last year, and everyone was looking for him to move into the rotation. I guess they were looking for bullpen help or something."

In other news, the Dominican judge ruled Uribe won't have to appear twice a month for the remainder of his "case" and he's free to attend Spring Training in Tuscon. Uribe will have to put down a $15,400 deposit guaranteeing he will be at the next court hearing at March 17. Also, as SSH2005 pointed out Jermaine Dye said "I'm not out to break the bank, but I just want to be fair, whatever market value is" regarding his contract situation. And Sean Tracey says his vision has improved after getting contact lenses.

BTW, the doctor is in.