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White Sox Quotes of the Day: Don Cooper

One of Dr. Coop's adjustments for Gavin Floyd: Accelerate your pace between pitches:

[Mark Gonzales]

"To be honest, I told him I was a little concerned his tempo was slow, that he looked robotic. I don't mean to be that negative. What he was doing on the sidelines and what he would be doing in a game would be too big of a jump, too big of a gap. So we had to quicken the tempo. Not only has he done that, but he has looked good doing it."
Coop first noticed Floyd's lack of rhythm while watching one of his games last season:
"I said this kid has no rhythm. Right now that rhythm and tempo is quicker than the previous two times, and we have to stay on top of him. That will help him get in better grooves. It made me feel a whole lot better when I saw that."
Another "cure" for Doc Coop? I sure hope so.