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Exhibition to the exhibition game

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Scott Riefert does a good job of capturing the extremely laid back atmosphere that occurs during an exhibition-prior-to-the-exhibition games.

Brian Anderson and Juan Uribe are Exhibition-to-the-Exhibition All-Stars each going 2-2, and Josh Fields is EttE MVP thanks to his 2-2, HR, 3 RBI performance. The pitchers don't deserve much ink, except to report that Gavin Floyd couldn't even make it through an inning. Though, his exit was injury, not performance, related.

My favorite quotes from Reifert's piece:

"Don't hit it to Uribe," someone shouted, "He's on a work-release program."
"Someone" is probably the Trib's Gonzalez.
With player after player running on the basepaths (three stolen bases, two caught stealing), Guillen noted, "I like that."
Ozzie likes stealing at a 60% clip. Yep, sounds about right.