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White Sox Quotes of the Day: Greg Walker, Ken Williams

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Walker on adjusting the mechanics in BA's batting swing:

[Joe Cowley]

The first change was having Anderson take the bat away from his shoulder so that he could get to the inside part of the plate quicker.

Part II was a bit more difficult because it involved changing the way he stood at the plate.

"His lower half was beating him consistently. He was out on his toes, he had his body in a bad position. Now he's more in a balanced situation. It has to be something he can use in a 3-2, man-on-second-and-two-outs situation against a reliever. We're in the baby steps of it right now, but I'm encouraged. We still have a long way to go."

Kenny on Josh Fields' future:

[Joe Cowley]

"Is Josh Fields our future third baseman? It's a fair question for everyone to ask because of the position he plays and because Joe Crede is coming up on free agency. I'll answer it in this fashion: It's obvious we have to, no matter what the position is, prepare in the event of injury, poor performance and loss of the player, however that occurs. That is the natural assumption, that [Fields is] next. That natural assumption doesn't factor in how high regard I hold Joe Crede. Hopefully it happens where we can work out something to keep Joe Crede here longer. If that happens, Josh is a good enough athlete where he can play a number of positions. If it happens that Joe is no longer here, we have a natural step-in."
In other news,

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