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Floyd vs. Danks: Showdown in the desert

Gavin Floyd and John Danks battle it out for the fifth starter position as the Sox play the Texas Rangers in Surprise. Each is scheduled to go 4 innings. Vincente Padilla starts for the Rangers. Unfortunately the game (3:05 p.m.) isn't on TV or radio. Here are the lineups (Live Boxscore; MLB Gameday):

Sox: Erstad, LF; Ozuna, 3B; AJ, C; Fields, DH; Mackowiak, CF; Cintron, SS; Terrero, RF; Rogowski, 1B; Lopez, 2B; Floyd, SP

Rangers: Lofton, CF; Kinsler, 2B; Young, SS; Sosa, RF; Blalock, 3B; Byrd, LF; Wilkerson, 1B; Stewart, C; Hairston, DH; Padilla, SP

Charlie Haeger starts the "B" game back in Tuscon.


Today's White Sox Quote of the Day comes from Don Cooper. Seeing Bud Black make the jump from pitching coach (Angels) to head coach (San Diego), Coop thinks he could do the same some day:

[Scott Merkin]

"If I had the right people around me, I could handle it. It would be a heck of an opportunity. I've never been given a job in my life that I couldn't get it in time. Once I get the lay of the land on something, I feel good. You learn a long time ago that you need good people surrounding you to handle all the other jobs. And in 1995, when I saw [Terry] Bevington, I realized how important a manager and a leader really are. My passion is pitching. I don't know if there's an unwritten rule that catchers become good managers and not many pitching coaches get a break. I'm happy to see Bud Black get the chance, and there's no reason to think others couldn't do it."
I know most Sox fans don't look forward to seeing Coop leave his current post but how can you not wish Coop gets his opportunity?

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