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White Sox Quote of the Day: GM Kenny Williams

Kenny Williams sees no need to venture outside the organization in search of an automatic out to play 35 games behind the plate this year.

"We're going to stay in-house," Williams said. "What we've tried to do with each position is insulate ourselves first so if something like this happens, we have confidence in the person backing up.

"We'll take a look at Molina and Wiki Gonzalez and make the determination, first and foremost, based on who's best for the pitching staff."

LIAR! You removed depth in a move that, in the order of full disclosure, we liked, by trading Chris Stewart immediately after the Hall signing.

Truth is, I'd still feel bad about the backup catcher situation if Stewart was still with the club. I don't see how it's possible for Kenny to say with a straight face that he's happy with the in-house alternatives available to him.