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Aardsma, Sisco make final roster

In an effort not to offend the starting staff, Ozzie Guillen decided against carrying any pitcher with a spring ERA under a half-dozen. Said Guillen, "We liked what we saw from Sisco and Aardsma. They fit right in with our starters."**

But seriously, it's kinda tough to get upset about the final roster decision. The four guys he had to choose from all featured spotty control and seem like fringe guys right now. But if they're going to use Aardsma's improvement, culminating in two consecutive scoreless outings, as a reason to take him north you'd think they would come up with a better excuse to explain away Boone Logan's spotless mark this spring.

I'll just assume that Ozzie got his way with Logan because Kenny got his with Anderson.

I'm not going to get too upset. It's not a Garza vs. Silva situation.

** Guillen may or may not have said these words. That's what I heard in my head when I read the article.