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"We just have to shoot it the right way"

Ozzie on the making of the lineup:

[Nathaniel Whalen]

"I have different ideas about the lineup. I have different ways to see how we are going to be better. I need them [the club's veterans] to step it up and take care of the kids down there to be leaders. You are a coach and manager, you can do so much. I let the players do whatever they want because it's their team. I like to stay behind and watch them play. It was a nice conversation to make sure we are on the same page. The expectation is real high this year, higher than last year. I think we have a good ballclub, we have the ammunition and the bullets. We just have to shoot it the right way."
Good thing the Torpedo Boat didn't ask him to testify.
From the Sun-Times:
The Sox made it a point to get Brian Anderson playing time at all three outfield spots over the last week, and he passed with flying colors. Anderson's main role will be as a defensive replacement in center, with Darin Erstad possibly moving to left.
Make that move permanent.

And, a triple dose of Palehose 7:

* The King of Charlotte
* A Blessing
* Ready For Launch

The "Farmio" strip is hilarious!


BTW, John Sickels has a Crystal Ball and a Community Projection for Johnny Danks.