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White Sox scouting Carl Pavano

I saw the same links you did yesterday regarding White Sox scouts at Sunday's Yankees-Phillies game in Florida, but I figured the Sox scouts might have been there, radar guns in hand, to make sure Aaron Rowand could still break the speed limit on his way to first legging out a 6-3 groundout. The Trib's Mark Gonzales removes all doubt that the Sox were indeed looking at Carl Pavano inserting this little nugget between quotes from Don Cooper.

"We got a lot of guys who are good to go," said Cooper, one day after Sox special assistant Bill Scherrer scouted the Yankees' Carl Pavano, who is guaranteed $22.95 million over the next two seasons. "We have good arms. I just want them to hit the strike zone. All of the 'B' games give us opportunities to evaluate."
Sunday night watching ESPN's coverage of Pavano's first start, I thought to myself that Gavin Floyd could be Pavano minus about $10M/year. I wonder what the Sox are thinking here...