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Beware of the Dog reports that the Sox agreed to terms with Matt Thornton on a 3 year, $3.25 million contract ($550k for 2007, $875k for 2008, $1325k for 2009) with team options for 2010 ($2.25m) and 2011 ($3m). There is a $250k buyout for each season. Also, Pablo Ozuna got a 1 year, $1.25 million extension with a team option for 2009. For 2008, Ozuna, has a 1 year, $800k contract. He gets $1.05 million in 2008, and the team has a $1.2m option for 2009 with a $200k buyout.

And, I thought Thornton would be more expensive.


Speaking of the Thorndog, here's Ozzie:

[Jon Cooper]

"If the situation comes where [Travis] Hafner, [Victor] Martinez and Trot Nixon come up, don't be surprised if I start the inning with Thornton. I have enough confidence in Thornton right now to start that inning. I know Bobby is the closer. He can face righties. But right now, the way Thornton is throwing the ball, I don't mind putting him in there."