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White Sox Quote of the Day: Farm director Alan Regier

Baseball America's Chris Kline has an article on Gio Gonzalez and Dewon Day. On Gio:

It's been so far, so good in Gonzalez' return to the White Sox, two starts, two wins and 15 strikeouts in 10 1/3 innings at Double-A Birmingham. In those two outings, Gonzalez' fastball has been up to 93 mph, and his low-80s hammer curveball and changeup have both been above-average to plus pitches.
Farm director Alan Regier on Gio's tendency to give up the long ball:
"Gio's going to pitch up in the zone. That's his style. He'll challenge up, and we're not going to change that. We'd just like to see more of a mix of all his pitches and I think through the maturing process he's learned that."

And, the latest two Palehose 7 strips:

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