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He gone?

JD on Rangers coach Ron Washington:

[Nathaniel Whalen]

"He's a great baseball man. He understands the game. He's a great players' manager. He understands what a player's going through. He knows how to talk to you to try to correct it. He's a hands-on guy. As long as he gets along with players, I think he'll become a great manager."
So, you gone Jermaine?
"Who knows? You have to get in the offseason and see who calls your phone. To me, right now, I'm not focused on that. When that comes in the offseason, I'll deal with it. But, I'm familiar with a bunch of managers that I would love to play for and we'll see when this offseason comes what I do."
Can you feel the love?

[Scott Merkin]

Guillen mentioned that the White Sox could stick with the extra pitcher even when Podsednik returns. "We'll see how we're playing. It's all about pitching and defense. If we need a pitcher, we will keep him."
Ozzie can't wait to send BA away. Thankfully Kenny doesn't seem to be on the same page:
"His game [Pods] is dependent on his legs being healthy, so this may be a little while. But we've got BA, got Mackowiak, got Ozuna we can put out there at the leadoff spot, too. We'll keep rolling along. The game is pitching and catching it first."