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White Sox Quotes of the Day: Mark Buehrle, Don Cooper

Mark says his departure isn't a done thing and that he can see a scenario that would bring him back:

[Joe Cowley]

"Yeah, that's definitely a possibility now. People think I don't want to stay here, but I do want to stay. Hopefully, in the offseason, something will be done before I even go out there and start visiting other teams. That would be the best-case scenario."
Buehrle had a heart-to-heart with Reinsdorf at the end of Spring Training:
"Jerry basically told me, 'Just give us a chance to match it.' I promised him that I will. Jerry told me he had no problem with me going out there and seeing what I'm worth, what I'm offered, and then said, 'Come back to us and see if we can match it or come close to it, see if we have a chance and go from there."
This is something Buehrle is willing to do because he wants to stay:
"It's a personal thing. Some guys just leave. They don't like the manager or the ballpark they play in. Or they don't like the direction the team is going in. It's a personal decision, and mine is to give [the Sox] every chance that I can to get me back here."
I don't see how this changes anything. Do you?

Coop may have a solution to the many 1st inning runs the team has allowed this season:

[Scot Gregor]

"Try not to give them up."
Man, Coop's a genius!

Of course he said more:

"It (stinks) because we put our team in a hole early, obviously. I don't think it's a pattern individually, but obviously it's a pattern as a group. Everyone has had that same inning, and we're going to try and cut it out."
Coop thinks the early carnage is more of a fluke but if it continues he'll probably give his starters the "Mark Buehrle treatment":
When he warms up for starts this year, Buehrle throws in the bullpen for a few minutes, sits down for a few minutes, and then resumes throwing.
And the latest Palehose 7 strip: The Injury Bug

I think Carl is doing a fine fine job.