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The Morning After Notes...

  • Jose Contreras held the Angels to three runs last night, but his stuff still wasn't very good. The fastball isn't where it was and the overhand forkball seemed non-existant. I hope this isn't the Count we'll be seeing for the rest of the season, because I fear his success will be limited.
  • The Grind-o-Meter is working. Darin Erstad has three extra base hits since the count started.
  • I didn't catch the first few innings, but Jim Thome was pulled in his first at-bat. I can't find an update on his injury status, but the chances of Thome spending some time on the DL just increased. I brought up Eduardo Perez as an option, but I don't think they're going to resign him just to send him down a couple weeks later. So, despite his slow start (.216/.359/.365), I'd guess Josh Fields is first in line for the DH spot.
  • Speaking of the minor leagues, Gio Gonzalez continued his dominance of AA, striking out 13 in a seven inning, two run (both earned) performance. Cheat commented that his ERA actually went up.
Closing on two non White Sox notes...
  • Kudos to the Bulls for overcoming the Heat's antics to take a 3-0 lead last night. I hate to bash him too much -- after all, he is a god at my university -- but Dwyane Wade was in great form yesterday, and I don't mean his actual basketball performance. Add on some ridicilous calls from the coach -- the whole ability to intentionally foul Ben Wallace is beyond dumb, but I guess since the NBA allows it... -- and the home treatment from the refs, and I was very happy to see the Bulls take the commanding 3-0 lead.
  • I'll now let you get back to the 18 hour first round of the NFL Draft. You're with me, Chris Berman's not-so-subtle "hints"...