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Sox lose, get used to seeing that written in this space

There was a game Saturday. The Sox lost.

  • Jon Garland gave up runs in the first and second innings, but pitched really well after the first batter of the game.
  • The Sox offense is going to be brutal for the next two weeks.
  • They couldn't even score when they had 3 hits in an inning. Not that I'm complaining about Razor Shines holding Konerko at third. There's a remarkable lack of extra-base hits to be had with this current team.
That's all you need to know about the game. The real story is that Jim Thome is headed to the DL for at least two weeks, who knows, maybe more. Meanwhile, without the offensive talents of Scott Podsednik, Mackowaik and Ozuna have been platooning in LF, and the DH duties have fallen Brian Anderson and Alex Cintron, who have combined for 3 hits in 37 at-bats this season. Worse, they both started the season 1-1 with 9th inning hits in the Opening Day blowout.

Let's be blunt. Brian Anderson has been terrible this year; every bit as bad as he was last April, just in smaller doses. But, he's not even close to being the worst member of the bench. The first time Gustavo Molina gets a hit, it will be, well, a career first; and Alex Cintron, who looked terrible in spring training after having off-season surgery on his elbow, continues to swing for the fences, looking completely lost in the process.

By definition, the Designated Hitter is supposed to hit. At current, the Sox two "best" options have collected exactly one hit between the two of them since opening day. Time for a change.

So... Kenny and Ozzie had a meeting prior to the game on Saturday to discuss the in-house (minor league) options, which consisted of Ryan Sweeney, Josh Fields, and Luis Terrero. I imagine that Kenny, like I, was arguing for Josh Fields since his ever improving batting eye would allow for him to get on base without the aide of that stick the current options are so poor at using. Not to mention he has the rare, rare for the '06-'07 White Sox anyway, skill of being able to hit LHP. Ozzie, no doubt, wanted to call up Sweeney, who he's loved every since first laying eyes on him in Tucson '04.

The reality is that there is more than one move to be made here. Brian Anderson isn't adding anything to the team, and his presence on the bench isn't doing anything to aide in his development. Sweeney is up for two reasons; 1) Ozzie loves him. 2) He gives the Sox a backup CF for when they make their second move to correspond with optioning Anderson to Charlotte.

I expect that Kenny is on the phone with Eduardo Perez' agent to fill the void that we could all see back in March. If not, the Sox will probably have to call up Fields as well. I imagine Fields would DH against all LHP, and could possibly see action all over the field, including 3B, 1B, and LF (can't be worse than Pablo). Sweeney figures to play one of the corners against all RHP, pushing the poor defensive tandem of Maczuna to DH or giving Jermaine a chance to rest his back by taking the day off in the field.

Whatever the solution, the Sox are in for extended and precipitous drop-off in their already dismal offense. It's not going to be pretty. Better hope they pitch well.