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Sox lose, offensive output infinitely better than Saturday, still sucks

The Angels came to Chicago short two of their regulars and with just one victory on the road all year. They tripled their road victory total by the end of the weekend, all while White Sox starting pitching recorded 3 Quality Starts.

In addition to watching the Sox waste two perfectly good pitching performances, we had to watch them get out-fundamentaled at the plate and on the bases. On Saturday, the Sox couldn't score in an inning where they strung together 3 singles. On Sunday they couldn't even get a (gift) runner home from second with nobody out. Meanwhile, the Angels twice turned runners on second into runs in a matter of mere pitches.

With 2 outs in the 5th inning, Orlando Cabrera hit a seeing eye single through the hole on a 1-2 pitch. After two pickoff throws, he stole second on first move. The next pitch plated a run on a single up the middle by Macier Izturis, who had homered earlier in the game. In the 9th, a leadoff single and a perfectly executed bunt -- we complain about bunts a lot in the gamethreads, but that's probably because we never see them executed as easily as Reggie Willits demonstrated in the 9th -- put a runner in scoring position. Guillen called for an intentional walk to Sarge Jr, and the next pitch moved over the runners on a swinging bunt. One pitch later, both runners scored on a bloop to right field.

I believe the preceding paragraph is what "Ozzieball" is supposed to be. Not that we'd know, having so rarely seen it from the hometown team. In fact, I'll challenge you to find any example of the Sox playing "Ozzieball" successfully in a close game where 1 run makes a difference this season.

Without Thome, and with Konerko and Dye struggling around the Mendoza line, this offense is the worst in the American League. I know they still rank ahead of the Athletics, but it's only a matter of time now until they're passed.

As predicted yesterday, Brian Anderson was optioned to AAA Charlotte following the game. A corresponding roster move will be made prior to Tuesday's game against Seattle. I assume it will be Josh Fields, who will DH against Washburn with Ozuna playing LF.

Just to add to the good news, Lance Broadway was pulled from his AAA start after just two pitches. And no, he can't hit LHP.