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White Sox Quotes of the Day: Ozzie Guillen, Ken Williams

Ozzie on Boone Logan's assumption that players acquired via trade carried extra weight when deciding who'll make the team:

[Scott Merkin]

"We go by what we need this moment, and we explained that well to Boone. It doesn't mean someone pitched better than you. It's the need here, and I think we need a guy to throw more strikes and get more innings. When [Logan] sits for two or three days without pitching, it's hard for him to throw strikes."
And Kenny:
"I don't care about that. I care about winning and winning now. This isn't about Kenny Williams and having to have someone on the team that makes me or some trade look better."

The latest Palehose 7 strips:

* Viral Weapons
* No Critical Damage


BTW, here are the Opening Day payrolls for all MLB teams

Team by team
Payrolls and average salaries for the Opening Day rosters of the 30 major league teams. Figures were obtained by The Associated Press from management and player sources and include salaries and pro-rated shares of signing bonuses and other guaranteed income. For some players, parts of deferred signing bonuses and salaries are discounted to reflect present-day values. Cash transactions among the clubs are not included.
Team Payroll Average
N.Y. Yankees $195,229,045 $6,732,036
Boston 143,526,214 5,125,936
N.Y. Mets 117,915,819 3,930,527
Chicago White Sox 109,680,167 4,218,468
L.A. Angels 109,251,333 3,641,711
L.A. Dodgers 108,704,524 3,748,432
Seattle 106,516,833 3,945,068
Chicago Cubs 99,937,000 3,701,370
Detroit 95,180,369 3,172,679
Baltimore 95,107,807 3,396,707
San Francisco 90,469,056 3,479,579
St. Louis 90,286,823 3,224,529
Atlanta 89,492,685 3,196,167
Philadelphia 89,368,214 3,081,663
Houston 87,759,500 3,250,352
Oakland 79,938,369 2,854,942
Toronto 79,925,600 2,960,207
Milwaukee 71,986,500 2,666,167
Minnesota 71,439,500 2,551,411
Cincinnati 69,154,980 2,161,093
Texas 68,818,675 2,457,810
Kansas City 67,366,500 2,173,113
Cleveland 61,673,267 2,126,664
San Diego 58,235,567 2,239,829
Colorado 54,424,000 2,015,704
Arizona 52,067,546 1,859,555
Pittsburgh 38,604,500 1,429,796
Washington 37,347,500 1,287,845
Florida 30,507,000 984,097
Tampa Bay 24,124,200 893,489