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Buehrle Bruised, listed as day-to-day

As I'm sure you know by now, Mark Buehrle was struck by a line drive off the bat of Ryan Garko in the second inning Thursday. He reported some numbness in his hand, and left the game with a large welt on his left forearm just below his elbow.

X-rays revealed no break, and the Sox have said that he's day-to-day, unsure if he'll be able to make his next start.

In the event that Buehrle is unable to make his next start, I fully expect Gavin Floyd to take his place. That will require moving somebody else down for at least 10 days, as is required by MLB rules. The most likely candidate is probably Brian Anderson.

If the Sox are forced to make a move and go with Floyd, you can bet the boys at Baseball Prospectus will be upset. Today, they posted an outstanding FREE feature on Charlie Haeger's rare place among today's pitching prospects.

Despite all the love that Charlie has gotten from saber-types in the last year, I still don't see him as much more than league average innings eater, with some added value due to the flexibility that a knuckler provides. He dominated in April, May, and September, but was a well below average AAA pitcher in the months between. He's still got some significant work to do before he can contribute to a contender.