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Tonight's Sox-Twins game is postponed

[Scott Merkin]

The Friday-night forecast in Chicago called for a low of 22 degrees, with winds out of the northwest ranging from 25 to 30 mph. Those frigid conditions were reason enough for the White Sox to cancel Friday's series opener against the Twins. The game will be rescheduled on a date to be determined. With conditions expected to be equally cold on Saturday, including a chance for snow showers, the possibility of a doubleheader was ruled out.

Update [2007-4-6 16:53:24 by The Cheat]: Danks will be skipped until we know more about Buehrle.

Javier Vazquez will go tomorrow and Jose Contreras will throw Sunday against Santana, skipping John Danks the first time around. Jon Garland will start the first game against Oakland with TBA scheduled for games 2-3.

Update [2007-4-6 17:59:3 by The Cheat]: Danks will pitch Sunday. At least until they change their mind again.

Ozzie just called me to say that they have decided to have John Danks pitch Sunday against the Twins. Our rotation now is Vazquez (tomorrow), Danks, Contreras (at Oakland), Garland and TBA (depending on how Buehrle feels).
This option gives them less flexibilty. So either Buehrle is pretty sure he'll make his scheduled start, or they're confident that Danks will pitch deep and Masset won't be needed until late in the Oakland series.
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