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Pitching Prospects?

For those of you that don't follow the minors, recently reacquired LHP Gio Gonzalez went five innings for Birmingham last night, allowing no hits and striking out nine while only walking one. What could tonight's starter, RHP Jack Egbert (pictured) possibly do for an encore? He just concluded a six inning stint in which he gave up no runs on two hits, walking one and striking out 12.

All of a sudden, it seems like we might have pitching talent again.

BTW, and I don't think the Cheat would mind me saying so, I'd like to point some of you over towards in the next week or so. We're releasing our Top 25 Sox prospect list, and we have 21-25 out, as well as our honorable mention and names to watch list. We've also got our latest interview with Sox minor leaguer Chris Getz up, and we'll be releasing an interview in the near future with reliever prospect Kanekoa Texeira, who is rated by Baseball America as having the best slider in the organization.