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35th Street Freeze Out

It's Saturday night, and I don't feel like writing a recap. Here's some quick notes.

  • Vazquez had a great fastball, good control of his slider, and rarely threw the curve or change, though one changeup that I saw was dynamite.
  • The last time Javier Vazquez had a 1-hit, 0 run performance was September 14, 1999.
  • For all the pre-season complaints about the top of the line-up, the Sox have scored in the first inning of all 4 games. It's the middle of the lineup and the middle innings where they've struggled so far.
Last season I kinda gave up on writing Saturday recaps. Anyone want to volunteer for Saturday duty this year?
* * * * *

The official word on Mark Buehrle is that he's progressing as expected, but it doesn't sound too promising to me.

"My hand is a little swollen, so it felt like I was throwing a softball, but other than that, there were no problems," Buehrle said.


"[Because of] the swelling, trying to grip the ball, that's about the only problem."

He was hit near the elbow... and his hand is still swollen two days later. I'm no doctor -- though I assume Herm Schneider is -- but if my strain my knee and two days later my foot is swollen, I'm fricken' worried.

If his hand isn't 100%, I hope the Sox skip him. His most effective pitch is probably his cutter, a pitch that is almost all "feel." If he can't throw that or even his changeup, the Sox need to turn to Masset.