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White Sox Quotes of the Day: Ken Williams, Rick Hahn, Ozzie Guillen

Kenny on the team's payroll:

[Nathaniel Whalen]

"We haven't been afraid to push the envelope as far as we can with regards to our payroll. The only edict that I have been given is we don't want to lose money. We want to break even, but we want to try to win a championship in the process. There have been many occasions I have been over budget to do that."
Whalen adds "According to Williams, the Sox's break-even point -- as told to him by chairman Jerry Reinsdorf -- is $100 million."

Assistant GM Rick Hahn:

"The fact of the matter is the '07 payroll will be higher than the '06 payroll. Jerry has run this club the same way since he's owned it, and that's 'What comes in, goes out.' His effort, goal, is to win and to break even. So, thanks to the tremendous fan support we've had since winning the World Series and during the World Series (in 2005), we've been able to increase that payroll each year to match that increasing revenue."
* * * * *

Ozzie says Brian Anderson will stay with the big team:

[Scott Merkin]

"I was in that situation he's in right now. Like yesterday, if Javy [Vazquez doesn't] pitch good, he might be thinking, 'They have to bring another guy to the bullpen.' I don't want this kid living that life because I did, and that's not a good feeling. It really depends on what I need. Right now, it is what it is. With the more games we play, the more opportunities he will have. We have so many days off early in the season, every backup player, it's hard to get them in the lineup."
Ozzie also says he wants to give BA a start in the upcoming series, possibly on Wednesday's game against LHP Joe Kennedy. Risky move by Ozzie there. It may disrupt Pods' development.