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Ad(d) a Loser

With Sunday's 11-1 thrashing at the hands of the Royals, the White Sox fall to the undisputed lowest scoring team in the AL. They entered the game with the fewest runs scored, but Greg Walker's resume was clinging to the fact that other teams, namely the Royals, had played more games and thus averaged fewer runs per game. Thanks to Javier Vazquez' charitable donation (6IP 4 runs), which was tiny in comparison to the bullpen (3IP 7runs), that is no longer the case. The White Sox have the worst offense in the AL.

I didn't bother to watch after Vazquez served up a 3-run bomb to Mark Teahen, effectively ending the game. There was no way the Sox would be able to overcome such a wide margin with a pitcher like De La Rosa on the mound. I mean the only run the Sox scored was on a 1-out bases loaded walk, reloading the bases so that the Sox "offense" could go to work making outs.

I know at least one of you was anxiously awaiting what I had to say in this recap, but you all know my feelings on the subject. There's not much left to say, and I said I was going to keep the Walker stuff off the front page. I'll give you this Ozzie Guillen quote, which you can interpret any way you wish.

"Without throwing anyone under the bus, it's time to get better at-bats. It's a shame, and it's a little embarrassing."
A real offense, a team which has scored 70 more runs than the White Sox, comes to town this week. The pitching better be out-of-this world, or it's going to get really ugly.