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Sox score 6, pound out 16 hits

And it only took two games. R/G creeping ever closer to 3.

After an encouraging, well managed opening game of Wednesday's double header, the Sox returned to their anemic (and altogether boring) ways. When the highlights of the night were Gustavo Molina's first (and quite possibly last) major league hit and Pablo Ozuna's first multi-walk game in a White Sox uniform, you did not have a productive night at the plate.

Wang's a better pitcher than much of the roster filler who has shut the Sox down this season, but he was nowhere near top form Wednesday, especially in the early innings when he kept leaving his sinker up in the zone. And yet the Sox first baserunner was Molina, batting 9th, on a hit that I didn't even see. (Does it count if I didn't see it?)

I missed a bunch of the game tonight. It just couldn't hold my interest. And the Gilmore Girls finale was yesterday, so it wasn't that. It was just more lifeless baseball from a lifeless team inexplicably treading water above .500.

Juan Uribe did something bad (Guess what? I didn't see it) to start off a terrible third inning. Joe Crede followed him up with another bad something (yep, didn't see it) and Darin Erstad added the cherry on top with a bad read on a "tough liner" to stake the Yankees to an early 2-0 lead. More than enough runs against this offense.

Just for good measure though, in the 6th inning, Pablo Ozuna did something bad on the bases (didn't see it) to end a threat and a chance to tie the game.

Outside of Molina's gaudy jump in batting average, nothing has changed. The offense still sucks, and you don't have to watch closely to see it.