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Mayday: Sox have batrophy

Memo to Kenny Williams:

See that crowd Tuesday night at Safeco Field? (It was announced as 20,739, but that's propped up by a still healthy, but declining, season ticket base. I'd guess that it was more like 14K in attendance.) That's what happens to a once proud franchise that continues to make stupid personnel decisions costing the team wins. Need me to spell it out further? That's what USCF will look like in June if you don't find multiple competent bats to replace the junk you've assembled in order to appease your manager.

If you can honestly tell me that you haven't felt nauseous every time you first see the lineup that Ozzie's been filling out the last couple of weeks, then you need to reevaluate your skills as a GM. Nevertheless, I still believe in you. You're smart enough to know that one major league outfielder isn't going to cut it. Fix it. Now.

I realize that finding a willing trade partner on May 1st is probably asking too much, so in the mean time it's time for somebody to take the fall. And since I'm assuming that you're not very eager to experience the joy of Seppuku, that person is Greg Walker. I realize that hitting coaches don't really do a whole heckuvalot, but Walker has taken the "don't do too much" job description to new lows. He doesn't do squat.

I'm sure one of your PR staff will blog about how hard the players prepare with Walker before each game. I don't care. Your fans don't care. We want results.

Here's a (partial) list to consider:

  • This team can't hit lefties. (The couldn't hit lefties last year either. Perhaps a look in the mirror is in order?)
  • This team can't hit the best pitchers in our division, and often looks like it doesn't have a plan against them.
  • This team has the worst batting average in baseball.
  • Chad Durbin.
  • This team has the fewest non-HR extra-base hits in baseball.
  • This team, as currently constructed, is headed for 72 wins.
Fix it. Now.