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White Sox Quote of the Day: Joe Crede

Joe is considering off-season surgery if he can't avoid it:

[Nathaniel Whalen]

"There are new things coming up it seems like every year on how to -- because it's such a widespread problem and a lot of people have had it -- they're starting to come out with some new technology to prevent the surgery. I think if anything we're going to go that route first -- I think that will be before we go the surgery and cut in."
As for now, he received a Cortisone shot Sunday and underwent treatment Monday and is day-to-day:
"Feels a little better. I'm able to straighten my back out, and even when I left the park (Sunday) I was feeling a little better ... This year we know how to attack it and calm it down right away so it doesn't flare up again and help me to come back sooner."

In other news, Uribe is expected to return to the lineup tonight and X-rays on AJ's hand were negative. He suffered a bruise between his thumb and forefinger.


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