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What a difference a week makes

Short recap. It's late...

Stats courtesy Ballyb
Last 3 games: 28 runs, 38 hits.

One week ago, previous 3 games: 8 runs, 17 hits.

The long-slumbering White Sox offense continued it's climb from the depths Tuesday, teeing off on a pitcher they're supposed to make look like a AAAA player. We haven't seen much of that since the first half of last season.

If you had missed the first 39 games of the season, you'd swear this looks like a 95+ win team. The team still has it's flaws, but for the first time all season, I can see, with a few key additions, how these Sox could possibly claim the division.

* * * * *

Let me offer a pre-emptive apology for the next couple of paragraphs. It seems like I say something like this every recap after a John Danks start, but he just keeps giving me the ammo so I'll keep writing it.

This was probably Danks' worst start in a White Sox uniform.

  • His curveball wasn't very sharp.
  • His control wasn't great
  • He wasn't missing many bats (1 strikeout)
  • He didn't use his changeup very much at all.
And yet, despite all of that, he still recorded a quality start and racked up his 3 straight victory. That's pretty much the hallmark of a big league pitcher, keeping your team in a game when you don't have everything working. Danks has pitched like a veteran since Day 1 in a White Sox uniform.