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White Sox Quotes of the Day: Greg Walker, Paul Konerko

It's the weather:

"Over this period, I looked in the mirror a lot as to what could we have done differently, what did we miss, and the biggest overriding factor to me was the weather. I think in the past I've done a good job of getting guys ready to play in Chicago, but with the weeks and weeks of the mess we played in, I don't think they were ready. It was ugly, but we are still in the hunt."
Did I mention the players:
"I'm lucky I'm with an organization that believes in me -- the owner, the general managers, the players. But ultimately, this is a players' game, and if we do good, it's going to be because of them."
I have a plan though:
"when I sleep, I dream about hitting."
I'll dream a solution, any day now.

BTW, Paulie has a minor strain in his hamstring. He doesn't think he will miss any games though:

"Don't expect any stolen bases, that's all I can say."
How will we replace Paulie's running now?