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Gio draws praise from Baseball America, scouts

Last night's 6 inning, 3-hit, 1 walk, 12-strikeout performance against Carolina pushed Gio's season line versus the AA club to 11 innings, 3 hits, 2 walks, and 21 strikeouts. Part of that is because Carolina leads the Southern League in strikeouts and about the only thing keeping them out of the cellar in other offensive categories is the Barons' offense, but in today's Baseball America Prospects blog, Chris Kline paints a different picture than a guy with dominating stuff embarrassing a weak minor league lineup.

"He works fast and when he gets in that rhythm, look out," a scout with an American League club said. "He was beating everybody, and not just with pure stuff all the time. I thought he did an outstanding job at establishing the fastball early and had a plan to attack. When he needs that little extra or he needs that breaking ball, he'll throw it for a strike.

"Hitters just gave in to him. His breaking ball is tough to pick up, partly because of the deception, partly because you think there's just no way it's in the zone coming out of his hand. But another big part of that is how fast he works. The breaking ball will freeze you and the fastball just gets on guys. As a hitter, you have to do what you can to take him out of his pace. Once he gets going like he did here, it's over."

Sounds like Gio is following in Buehrle and Danks' footsteps with his quick work between pitches. Of course, the article also says Gio's fastball was 91-94 last night, which neither Buehrle or Danks can match.