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Sox lose another one to weather, have played fewest games in baseball

Sunday is a getaway day, so when the weather turned ugly for most of Saturday afternoon the Sox were left with the decision between a true doubleheader (not one of those two-ticket day-night doubleheaders in name only) or rescheduling to one of their off-days. Given that the Sox aren't about to throw away 35K in paid attendance, and that Ozzie is clearly averse to playing double headers in any form -- I saw a clip of him on the news before the scheduled game time expressing his desire to avoid playing two -- it came as no surprise to me that the game had been rescheduled by the time the first pitch was originally due to be thrown.

The result of pushing yet another game back until later in the schedule is that the White Sox have played fewer games than any team in basball, even the Seattle Mariners, who lost 5 games in the first two plus weeks to weather related issues. That's part of the reason they were able to get away with carrying only one major league catcher for the first 6 weeks of the year. But the lack of off-days over the last two-thirds of the season could come back to bite the Sox. They're already discussing giving Nick Masset some spot starts somewhere along the line, and I can't even remember the last time the Sox had a better record in the second half of the season. I can only imagine what Ozzie's Sunday lineup will look like when it comes at the end of a 33 games in 34 days stretch, probably a lot like that which we've been forced to play with for much of the season thus far.

To top it all off, the scheduled starter for Saturday's game was former Dodgers' top prospect Edwin Jackson, who hasn't been good since 2003 and has never experienced any sustained period of success above double-A. When the Sox and Rays meet again for the make-up game on August 27th, with rosters set to expand just days later, I'm sure we'll see one of the Rays top pitching prospects instead. Andy Sonnastine or Jeff Niemann probably would have little trouble with this offense right now, let alone with another 3 months of minor league experience under their belt.