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White Sox Quotes of the Day: Don Cooper, Rick Hahn

Coop on Sisco's demotion:

"He was disappointed, as well as I was, because that means we failed -- he and I failed."
How about that Greg?

More Coop:

"What we want Andrew Sisco to do is get more consistent with his fastball and establish another pitch for a strike, preferably the slider."
BTW, Sisco will be kept in his reliever role for now.

Merkin has an article on the Sox drafting philosophy. He explains "the make-up of said player becomes as important of an intangible as the talent this player possesses. ... The player needs to exhibit a hard-nosed sort of attitude with the ability to handle the pressure brought about by playing in Chicago." Here's assistant GM Rick Hahn:

"We've talked about that before, in that we are looking for a power type arm and pitchers who have high ceilings. They may need some degree of correction or instruction, but given our strength in player development, we would be confident he will fit with our organization."
Speaking of drafting players look inside for Whalen's take.

[Nathaniel Whalen]

"With (GM Kenny) Williams taking a more hands on approach in the draft, does that mean that with our first round pick we can actually take a chance on a guy with front of the rotation stuff or 5 tool potential instead of safe, conservative picks?"

"Being a large market team, should we not be able to take some flyers on some players who are thought to be hard to sign and may cost more money then there draft spot is supposed to cost?"

I think the Sox will still take conservative picks because they're safe - and they turn out to be serviceable players. Serviceable players make for good trade bait later on. Good trade bait gives Kenny room to maneuver. That's when this team has been its best - not sure it's the right strategy, but it's what they've done. Also, keep in mind, they rarely pick high enough to get the chance to draft one of those five-tool guys.