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Bobby Jenks seen gnawing on his right arm out of sheer boredom

The last time (that I can remember) the White Sox lost a game in literal walk-off fashion, capping off a 7-game losing streak for a completely unremarkable .500 team, we at least got the good news that they had traded the no-longer-useful Esteban Loaiza for the project that is Jose Contreras. There will be no such good news today for this .500 team going nowhere.

The offense exploded for 6 runs on 10 hits in the first three innings, making Scott Baker look like a AAAA pitcher in the process, only to be shut down for the next 6 innings to the tune of zero hits and, obviously, zero runs. Meanwhile, Jon Garland forgot that he had a 5-run lead and got way to farking cute with his pitches, while the defense made the wrong fielders choices, letting the Twins right back in the game, setting up another episode of Hide Your Most Effective Reliever staring Ozzie Guillen and Bobby Jenks.

In other words, it was the perfect storm of ineptitude from all facets of the team, pitching (starters and relievers), hitting, defense, and the coaching staff. Just another day at the office for this bad team masquerading as a contender.