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White Sox Quotes of the Day: Darin Erstad, Paul Konerko

Erstad doesn't see himself living in California's Orange County after baseball:

"We probably won't stay there. We're Midwest people. When we're done playing, we'll move to the Midwest."
Another grinding point!
Paulie on the offense:
"I don't think we're down to where we think we're a bad team, but we're frustrated that we're getting good pitching and not getting runs. We feel like we're going to hit, but it's a matter of how many games are we going to drop in the meantime before we get it going. Because every game matters. ... When it flows, it will flow. Print it."

As bhoov pointed out, Baseball-Reference has these incredibly useful pages with each organization's players and their numbers at every position throughout all levels. For example, you have all the organization's catchers, all the organization's infielders, all the organizations outfielder's, etc. Here are the 2007 White Sox batting players listing and the 2007 White Sox pitching players listing.


And the latest Palehose 7 strip: Work it Out