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White Sox Quote of the Day: Ozzie Guillen

[Scott Merkin]

"I talked to a couple of guys and said, 'Can we please start hitting because I'm running out of excuses,'" said manager Ozzie Guillen with a laugh. "We have struggled as a group and hopefully we come out of a shell this weekend and start swinging the bat. Crazy things can happen. We can hit good pitching staffs and the people we got in the lineup are capable to do that."
Doesn't sound promising when the team's manager characterizes the chances of the offense coming back as 'crazy.'

Juan Uribe returned to Chicago on Friday to tend to his ailing mother. He probably won't join the team before Tuesday's game at East Dakota.


And some good news from AJ . AJ went fishing on Thursday's off-day and nearly caught a 300-pound shark. Former major-league pitcher Mike Lincoln was on the boat with AJ and caught a 150-pound thresher shark.