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Greg Walker's Mind Scores Runs

...or Eric Karros' subtle sarcasm flew right over my head.


The Sox scored a first inning run for just the fifth time this year. The Sox scored six runs -- none via the longball -- and every Sox starter had a hit except for Pablo Ozuna.

  • Darin Erstad keeps grinding along, going 2-for-4 with a walk on the day. His two-out RBI single in the second was particularly crucial in getting the Sox ahead early.
  • Ryan Sweeney hasn't been talked about a whole lot here, but I've been impressed with his approach at the plate. He's patient and is generally swinging at good pitches. I know he's only hitting .167, but I don't think he's overmatched. The Sox have continually pushed Sweeney throughout his minor league career, despite the fact that he's never really dominated any level. I wouldn't mind if they did that with him this year, letting him take his lumps with the Sox -- after all, he is going to be a third of this outfield in the next decade, if things go well -- although I'm sure the only chance of that happening is if Sweeney hits .400 until Podsednik returns.
I'm no scout or baseball expert, but I can see why scouts drool over the guy. His arm is strong and he's displayed good range in the outfield. His swing is also aesthetically pleasing.

* Garland's stuff looked better today than it has in his previous starts. His curveball continues to be a key pitch -- he doesn't use it that often, but he's locating it well. He's even getting some hitters to swing over the top of it, something I've never seen from Garland. More important than his curveball, however, is his sinker, and he had very good movement on that pitch today.

This doesn't need to be said, but Garland continues to do an excellent job fielding his position.

* It appears Toby Hall will return by the end of May. Personally, I don't care if he can't throw anybody out -- the Sox need any help they can get against southpaws, so Hall will be a welcome addition once he returns.