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If I was an Angels fan, I'd probably hate AJ too

Holy crap, it's time for my once a year game recap. I wouldn't care so much, as I only saw the last half, but apparently Keith, Cheat and oz are slacking, so I'll throw my thoughts in here.

The Sox seem to actually be showing signs of life in the lineup. Six of the nine starters had hits, and one of the three without was Gustavo Molina. Granted, when I began watching the game, the Sox had two hits, and Bartolo Colon looked about as comfortable as if he was at IHOP on free pancake day.

Ryan Sweeney really impressed me with some of his heads-up play. I'm glad he's in the corner, and as he plays more, he'll get more comfortable with the pace of the major leagues while in the field. His arm is strong, and he's above average in the corners. He also has a nice swing that reminds me of Rob Mackowiak's in its look, but much more effective. His first hit was a bloop in the left side (boy, apparently anything up in the air was an adventure during this series), while his second, more real double was a nice cut to the right side.

Enter Anthony John Pierzynski.

His first hit, the home run to tie the game, was a trademark Pierzynski pull into right field. His second hit was one of those bloops that we need him to get to be effective. Apparently the man will never get a full day off, so it's good he can take advantage when we do need to get him in the game.


Lost beneath AJ's heroics were the performances of the pitching staff. While not great, Buehrle was semi-effective, and theroretically did enough to win a game with a non-inept offense. David Aardsma appears to be coming back to earth, but when he gets ahead early, he is much more effective. As long as he throws strikes, he's golden. MacDougal got into a little bit of trouble with a leadoff walk, but Thornton pitched like it was 2006, getting two double play style grounders to get the final two outs. Jenks made us sweat for his tenth save of the year, but I suppose we'll take it.


Brian Anderson had another two hits with Charlotte tonight, including a two-run home run.


I'll try and gussy this up, as I haven't posed anything in months, but I thought an actual win needed a recap. Plus, Cheat won't have to type anything.