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White Sox Quote of the Day: Paul Konerko

Ozzie's Twinpraiseitis is spreading. Here's Paulie:

[Joe Cowley]

"I always feel the least comfortable playing Minnesota, there's no doubt. It's because of what's happened over the last five or six years. Cleveland and Detroit are obviously good teams, but Minnesota is a team where the bullpen is so good, it becomes a really short game. You feel like you have to have a lead by the fifth or sixth, or it's over. Then they can get you from any angle. Most teams, if there are certain guys that don't have good days, you feel like, 'OK, we got these guys.' With Minnesota, I've seen (Justin) Morneau, (Joe) Mauer and (Michael) Cuddyer have terrible games, and we still got beat. They have so many little pieces that can chip away at you."

BTW, East Dakota's catcher is looking for a a wife:

"I think I'll be a great husband ... I'm pretty easygoing, I'm a big family guy. Family comes first for me. ... I like all kinds of women: blondes, brunettes, it doesn't really matter to me."