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White Sox Quotes of the Day: Paul Konerko, batboy Mike Strubin

Paulie on yesterday's Ozzie "changes needed" comments:

"The way I look at it is, what 24 losses? OK, 18 came because we didn't hit, the rest because we didn't pitch. It's that simple. It's black and white. I don't look for some underlying reason like there's a chemistry problem."
Maybe a team meeting?
"I'm not big on meetings. Football, they're great, play once a week, but baseball ... every now and then there might be one that works, but I'm not a meeting guy."

Lacy Banks has an interview with Mike Strubin, the Sox batboy. Who's the happiest player Mike?

"Probably Bobby Jenks. I can really relate to younger guys like him and John Danks. Jenks is a trip. He's like a little kid trapped in a big man's body. He's the fun- loving clubhouse clown and prankster who screws around with everybody. He keeps the clubhouse lively and happy. He'll pour salt into the bullpen coffee, stuff Twinkies into your shoes, come up behind you and grab you in a big bear hug or throw his dirty laundry at you."
How about AJ?
"unlike what a lot of people think, [AJ] is a very good person. He's especially nice to the clubbies. But he'll poke fun at you, too. I came in one time with a bad haircut, and he asked me if I also ordered a Caesar salad and clam chowder on the side with the haircut."
And the nicest guy? Well, we already know the answer.

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