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Joe Crede to Have Back Surgery

News is per 670 AM, The Score. Not seeing anything in print/text yet but someone can post a link when it becomes "official". It's on the official site now:

Joe Crede will undergo back surgery on Tuesday, performed by Dr. Robert Watkins ... the type of procedure to be performed on Crede and the length of time for his recovery was not known. Crede had talked early last week of a surgery that would drain fluid from around two herniated discs in his lower back, which would cause him one month of pure recovery time and another month of non-baseball rehab. But nothing certain would be known until the surgery was complete and the doctor could make sure he found what was expected with Crede's back.

BTW, the farmer that accused Uribe of shooting him ended the case after he received some coin:

According to a report Monday from The Associated Press, the farmer who accused White Sox shortstop Juan Uribe of shooting him this past offseason received a monetary settlement to end the legal proceedings. The story also cited an anonymous source stating the sum paid was $25,000. When asked about the situation after the game, Uribe seemed stunned by the information and even more stunned by the money he reportedly paid out. "Pay $25,000? [Heck] no," Uribe said. "That's why it's taking too long. That's what the guy wants and I say I don't pay the money." One of Uribe's lawyers in the Dominican Republic, Maria Luisa Guzman, told AP that the "complainant dropped the charges and recognized that Juan was not involved in the incident." Uribe received the same news Monday night from his agent in the Dominican, pointing out once again that he claimed his innocence from the very beginning in this shooting case which he viewed as extortion. My agent said, 'I have a surprise for you to make you happy,'" Uribe said. "He told me the guy said it was not you. 'You are OK. You [didn't] do [anything].' I said, 'OK, I know I [didn't] do [anything].'"

Thanks to larry for all the links.